The Royal Winchester PGA Golf Shop & Performance Centre

Custom Fitting

We have a State of the Art Golf Custom Fitting Studio with the latest Clubheads and Shafts from all the leading brands.  We use the Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor as used on all the major tours and on TV.  We offer the most comprehensive Custom Fitting in the Winchester area.

Our Fully trained PGA Professionals will spend time with you to compare your existing clubs to the latest equipment and then work on the best component set up to maximise your performance.

Custom Fitting sessions cost £30 for up to 60 minutes and are fully refundable with any purchase of equipment. Once club set up has been decided we will go online to find the cheapest UK prices before the customer orders.

All the new equipment we sell is custom built in the manufacturers facilities but we can also retro fit your existing equipment.  We have equipment to adjust the lofts & lies of your clubs and can re-shaft your clubs to suit your swing speed.

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Why Get Fitted

Custom Fitting is hugely important for golfers of all abilities.  For performance players we can set up your clubs to optimise ball flight and also help with directional control and game management. 

 For beginners and intermediates having the right set up helps groove a consistent swing, set up and rhythm.  Club head set up and shaft flex can help directional faults and reduce any debilitating shot shapes.

We look at all aspects of golf custom fitting

Lie Angles

Lie Angles are hugely important.  Too upright and you can hit it left.  Too flat and the ball can go right.  The wrong lie will also reduce ball striking.

Club Shafts

Club shafts determine the delivery of the club to the ball.  Ball flights can be lowered, increased, lengthened and straightened by getting the correct shaft.

Head Weights

Utilising movable weight technology the ball flight can be altered.  Spin and height can be increased and decreased by moving weight forwards or backwards.  Driving accuracy can be straightened by moving the weight from and towards the heel and toe.

Grip Size

Grip size does not only depend on hand size.  Enlarging the grip can help reduce a hook left and oppositely a thinner grip can help with releasing the club through impact to reduce a slice.

Club Length

We measure you statically and also during the swing to determine what length of club will help with your posture and impact position.  The wrong length can alter lie angle at impact and also club head speed.

Club Head Design

Different club head shapes help with different swing faults and ball flights.  Larger more perimeter weighted clubs can produce more forgiveness with higher and longer flights.  More centrally weighted heads can help with shot shaping and ball flight manipulation.